5 Quotes To Start The Day

  1. “Not all those who wander are lost.”     – J. R. R. Tolkien 
  2. “You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or when. But you can decide how your going to live. Now.”          – Joan Baez
  3. “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. “Regret  for the things you do can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”     – Sydney J. Harris
  5. “Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors….There are so many adventures that you miss because you’re waiting to think of a plan. To find them, look for tiny interesting choices.”          – Randall Munroe


If I Died

If I died today,
Would you act like you even cared?
If I died today,
Would it be too much for you to bare?

If I died tomorrow,
Would you even shed a single tear?
If I died tomorrow,
Would you wish me to be somewhere near?

If I died today,
Would you pretend to care about me more?
If I died today,
Wouldn’t things look more trivial than they did before?

If I died tomorrow,
Would you still not have a single care?
If I died tomorrow,
Would you miss me being there?

If I died today,
There’s one thing that I should keep honest.
That if I died tomorrow,
You won’t be in control anymore I promise!

Night and Dawn

When death is theme of thought or poet’s song.
It has its symbol in the “close of day,”
“The twilight hour of life when shadows throng
From out the past,””the evening still and grey.”
We think of night and of the great unknown,
Dim gulfs where vanished those we loved of earth;
And grieving hearts grow sadder,, left alone,
And some are shut through years from peace and mirth.

But as I watch the pageant of the years,
And mark the changes that the seasons bring.
Learn that to each come certain pain and tears.
Some hope or longing crushed to which they cling,
Then earthly days seem dusk with light withdrawn,
And death not night, but morning’s golden dawn.

WRITTEN BY: Arthur Wallace Peach

Thou Dry’st The Mourner’s Tear


O Thou dry’st the mourner’s tear!How dark this world would be,
If, when deceived and wounded here,
We could not fly to Thee.
The friends, who in our sunshine live,
When winter comes are flown:
And he, who has but tears to give
Must weep those tears alone.
But Thou wilt heal that broken heart,
Which, like the plants that throw
Their fragrance from the wounded part,
Breathes sweetness out of woe.

When Joy no longer soothes or cheers,
And e’en the hope that threw
A moment sparkle o’er our tears,
Is dimm’d and vanish’d too!
Oh! Who would dare life stormy doom,
Did not thy wing of love
Come, brightly wafting through the gloom
Our peace branch from above?
Then sorrow touch’d by Thee, grows bright
With more than rapture’s ray:
As darkness shows us world of light
We never saw by day!

Author Unknown 


Oh, deem not they are blest alone
Whose lives a peaceful tenor keep;
The power who pities man, has shown
A blessing for the eyes that weep.

The light of smile shelf fill again
The lids that overflow with tears;
And weary hours of woe and pain
Are promises of happier years.

There is a day of sunny rest
For every dark and troubled night;
And grief may bide an evening guest,
But joy shall come with early light.

And thou, who, o’er thy friend’s low bier,
Dost shed the bitch her drops like rain,
Hope that a brighter, happier sphere
Will give him to thy arms again.

For God hath marked each sorrowing day
And numbered every secret tear,
And Heaven’s long age of bliss shall pay
For all His children suffer here.


WRITTEN BY:   William Cullen Bryant

These Days….

These days my heart’s still broken.
A reflection of heartache lingers in my eyes.
Holding on can feel so damn pointless.
When you feel like life is robbing you blind.

These days I can’t help but wonder,
Are you satisfied and are you really happy?
Don’t you miss the way things were before?
Dare I ask if you miss me.

These days I’m still learning lessons.
On who to trust and who to believe.
How can you say I’ve turned my back on you,
When you were the one who decided to leave?

These days I fight back tears of longing
As my family becomes a distant memory
These days I can’t help but to think about
All the times I passed up the opportunity….
To spend time with my whole family.

Blood IS NOT Thicker Than Water

I’m not sure what airhead came up with this saying, but he or she obviously has never had the pleasure to experience how my family treats one another! You can be the most self-devoted family member imaginable, and still in the end, you will end up screwed! My experience goes to show that if you are someone in my family with nothing going “wrong” in your life, then you haven’t truly had to stand the pressures of what life holds, than you haven’t had to test how “thick” blood-relations actually are against most of the trials life has to bring.

It seems that whenever something gets hard for any of my family members, the first thing they do is lash out and put blame on the family that they are supposed to love. I am not a naive individual. I always knew the potential for this kind of behavior among my family existed. I just honestly didn’t think that “family” would ever actually treat other family members this way. It is not only heartbreaking but frustrating to see. You go out on a limb for said family members and they do nothing but break your heart at the end of the day.

I recently lost my mother. I have had to watch family fall apart, one by one. It seems that things just seem to be getting worse and worse for everyone left in my family. Those family members that were supposed to be there for each other, are physically in the same zip code, but miles and miles apart emotionally and mentally. I’m just wondering how in the hell did I end up with the shitty end of the deal (excuse my language).

The only thing that I have left to add is the fact that I have a few good friends who have showed me that some friends make are better family than blood-related family will ever be! I don’t necessarily need blood relatives in my life to make it a life worth living. The friends that God sent me are all the family I need right now. Maybe one day, my real family will get their heads out of their asses long enough to come together with me and make things right, but until than, I am going to proceed on with my life with the people I have in my life who actually appreciate my existence.