Tobacco Websites That Offer Monthly Coupons and/or Promotional FREEBIES

Here are some websites that you should definitely sign up with to receive coupons and promotional emails for FREE GIFTS:

  • Marlboro: (
  • Camel: (
  • Copenhagen: (
  • Skoal (
  • Red Seal: (
  • Grizzly: (
  • American Spirit Cigarettes: (
  • Newport: (
  • Black and Mild: (
  • Pall Mall: (
  • L&M: (
  • Winston: (
  • Parliament: (
  • Natural American Spirit: (
  • Kool: (
  • Virginia Slims: (
  • Timber Wolf: (
  • Longhorn: (

My Top 10 “Go-To” Websites For Freebies

Over the last year or so, I have been regularly involved in signing myself up for free samples. The majority of these samples come in the mail for free. The remainder of these samples have come to me by printing off “special” coupons for these free sample items that are sent via email. Regardless of how I receive these free samples (aka “freebies), I never pay for anything. I’ve never even paid for shipping on any of these items. 

The point of this blog is my attempt to share some information with anyone interested in “signing up” for these freebies. There are several websites that I personally keep tabs on to stay up to date on the free samples that are available out there. These websites prevent me from having to visit individual manufacturer websites to look for these samples. So I hope everyone can benefit from the list of websites I am going to provide for you below. Here’s a list of 10 of my “go-to” freebie websites: