10 Supportive Things You Can Say To Someone Suffering From Depression

Depression is a road we all have been down at one point or another in our lives. Some people can “have a sleepover” with depression, and wake up perfectly fine the next day. But if you are anything like me, depression will come over unannounced, stay for a couple of weeks, eat up everything in the house, keep you up when your body is physically tired, and then eventually will leave, almost as unexpectedly as when it showed up completely unannounced.

The going back and forth between this emotion and that emotion can almost be a bit too much at times. Unfortunately, at that time, the situation more than likely feels completely out of your control, and you’re left to seriously wonder how you can possibly make it through another day feeling the same way. During this time, hopefully you have someone close you can reach out too that is capable of being a reliable support system for you. Having someone that is at the very least, available to answer a phone call from you, can mean the difference between day and night for someone suffering from depression.

If you know someone who is depressed, or you are a regular support person to someone who regularly suffers from depression, I want to remind you of few positive things you could say to someone who is depressed. By all means, I’m not insinuating these phrases will be a cure all for them, but it could help enough to get them through that moment or even that day.

  1. “I’m here for you:” Having the reassurance that somebody is there for you is kind of like an emotional “safety net.” A lot of depressed individuals would rather be alone during this time rather than talk about it. Having that comfort in knowing that someone is just a text or phone call away if you them, sometimes can make things a little more bearable for the time being.
  2. “What can I do to help you?”: Don’t be surprised if you do not get an answer on this one. That individual in all reality, may not really know what would help them at that moment. Again, but having someone who is willing to do what they can to make sure you see happier days again, is all that that individual may need at that given moment. That person may just need to know that someone cares.
  3. “You are important to me”: This is another one of those phrases that has great potential in giving someone reassurance and comfort for the time being.
  4. “I love you (and mean it)”: This one might take a little more courage than the others, but those are very powerful words that could mean so much to the individual that is struggling. Don’t just say it just to say it though. You really should mean it. Maybe even follow those words up with a hug if that individual is okay with doing so.
  5. “You’re not alone in this”: From personal experience, feeling alone during this time never ultimately makes anything better. It definitely doesn’t make it go away any faster. Having someone around, maybe trying to get you to go eat or even just take a walk, can make a huge difference in a short amount of time.
  6. “I believe in you…you’re awesome!”:  This is something good to say too. They may not believe it themselves at that point but it doesn’t mean you can’t remind them that you think highly of that person in some way.
  7. Nothing at all: sometimes, just having someone around without necessarily being made to talk, is a pretty comforting feeling too.

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